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Riff-Raph are a group of second year students studying computer science at The University of Bristol. N-Type is their second year group project.

  • James "ZoFreX" Sanderson
    • Lead designer, project admin, website design, and occasionally actually writes some code! Likes to annoy the graphics people by editing their code to put in special effects.
  • Tushare ("Rainmaker" or "o0wls") Weerasinghe
    • Graphics (menus & user interface) and mouse input, as well as 100% of code written at 5am.
  • Stuart Rice
    • Graphics (the actual typing tutor bit)
  • Anna Mitsinga
    • Graphics (the actual typing tutor bit & graphs), as well as fixing all of Stuart's bugs
  • Chris "Blanchy" Blanchard
    • Fetching & parsing of news stories, multiplayer, and adding feature requests for more pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Steve Horsman
    • Keyboard input, statistics tracking, and making sure the rest of us do some work