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Thursday April 26 2007 | n-type.sourceforge.net | Price: FREE
N-Type is a typing tutor with a difference, designed to target the flaws in typing software available today. For a tutor program to be effective the user must return to it on a regular basis, but unfortunately most tutor programs are boring and tedious and so this is rarely the case. N-Type addresses these problems with two main features:
  • The text you type is interesting and never the same, because N-Type downloads news stories for you to type
  • N-Type will track your progress with many variables and give specific feedback on areas where improvement is needed - thus you will have a quantifiable indicator for your progress.
These features make N-Type less of a chore and more an enjoyable daily exercise to catch up with the news and improve your typing skills.

  • New stories to type everyday
  • Keeps track of which stories you've already typed
  • In-depth statistics keep track of your learning
  • Training mode helps you work on your weaknesses
  • Head-to-head multiplayer mode supports up to 10 players