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Friday May 4th 2007 | n-type.sourceforge.net | Price: FREE
N-Type 1.0 Final Released!
A screenshot of N-Type
N-Type in action: Turn to the screenshots page for more.
Development team "Riff-Raph" today released their flagship product, the typing tutor "N-Type"! N-Type promises to relieve the tedium normally associated with typing tutors by downloading the latest news direct from the BBC News website for users to type out - thus combining their daily typing practice with their daily reading of the news. In this way users will stay informed with global and local events, while improving their typing a considerable amount. N-Type even keeps track of your day-by-day typing speed and which articles you've read. It also includes multiplayer support for facing off against your friends, an option to add customised news feeds so you get the news you're interested in, and a training mode which helps you work on your weakest letters. Your FREE copy is included, turn to the download page for more details!